Your 5 Best Paddles

One thing which we often talk about when out sea kayaking is what are the 5 best paddles that you have ever done.  I think that every time I consider, which are my favourites I come up with slightly different ones although there are often a couple of the old favourites.
So when you are having lunch on a rock somewhere, sitting around the camp fire on a remote island or just having a pint in your favourite pub why not give it some thought and see what you come up with.  What’s great about this is that there are no rules, apart from the fact that the paddles have to be on the tidal waters and ideally suitable as a day trip.
Here are my favourite 5 for today:

Best Paddle
Selecting a paddle from my local waters is always difficult but the Ecrehous always have to be in there. I first paddled out there in August 1974 and have been going back ever since. The landscape is always changing as the height of the tide varies. A warm summers day is a favourite but its also memorable being out there in the middle of the winter when you have the reef to yourself.
Best Paddles
A late evening paddle down to the Statue of Liberty, returning to Manhattan as darkness sets in is superb. To see the city skyline at night from the water is one of the worlds greatest views. That said paddling through many of the worlds cities is a memorable experience.
Best paddles
If there is one destination that all sea kayakers should aspire to visit it is Greenland. The combination of mountainous scenery, ice bergs and wildlife combine to create somewhere really special. On this day in northern Disko Bay all three came together in superb weather.
Best paddles
This small island is Er Lannic in Morbihan, southern Brittany. Where else is it possible to paddle in tidal streams which reach nearly 10 knots whilst less than a hundred metres away it is possible to explore semi submerged stone circles, several thousand years old? This is the perfect destination for the kayaking historian.
Best paddles
The west coast of Scotland is justifiably popular with sea kayakers and the paddle at from Elgol into the heart of the Cuillin Mountains has to be one of the finest one day paddles that there is. This was a beautiful day a few years ago. The best option is if it is possible to combine it with a trip around the neighbouring island of Soay. On this particular day it felt more like being on the Mediterranean than off the west coast of Scotland.

So that’s my five for today but I think that I have already got it wrong.  What about Polyaegos and Milos, Sark, Ile de Brehat or even the south west corner of Jersey.  This can lead to endless hours of discussion amongst sea kayakers about “what are your 5 best paddles”?

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