Where has the summer gone?

It has been a frantic few months, proving difficult to update the blog on anything which resembles a regular basis.  It was refreshing to return to one of my favourite sea kayaking destinations, the Ecrehous.
The 12 nm return trip was a real pleasure in the early September sunshine, possible the last opportunity to apply sunscreen in 2012.  In addition the tide wasn’t running too quickly, having a maximum rate of about 3 knots so we had a reasonable large window of opportunity for the crossing.

 Looking towards France, the clarity of the water was exceptional
 One of the original date stones of the small houses.  They are part of the parish of St Martin, the north east parish of Jersey
 There was quite a large number of visitors to the reef but it didn’t seem crowded
 Some of the small houses which punctuate some of the isolated rocks of the archipelago
 It was Cliff’s first visit so we decided to go in the Jersey Canoe Club double.
 The plastic double was ideal for a seal launch down the shingle bank
A great way to start the return paddle to Jersey
A memorable day on the water and the start of many great days to come.