West coast damage

For the second time this year a damaging storm and large swell has coincided with a spring tide, creating the potential for significant damage and disruption.  Fortunately the pressure wasn’t too low, about 1006 mb, so although it had an impact on the height of the tide it was too significant.
All around Jersey the islanders have been counting the cost of the late and early morning battering including on the west coast where the Splash Surf Centre has been almost destroyed.  At 10.00 last night we were rushing to remove all of the boards, wet suits, stock etc as the waves pounded the sea wall.  Amazingly the whole building was moved by the power of the waves and the rear wall ripped off.
First light today, when the full extent of the damage could be seen also coincided with a 12 metre high water, so water was again pouring over the sea wall, some of the waves must have been shooting nearly 50 feet in the air and with a particularly powerful wave we witnessed the building move on its foundations.
Fortunately nobody has been injured and it proved possible to save virtually all of the equipment.  Amazing power of the sea.

 Looking towards the Splash Surf Centre at first light this morning.  The side of the building is missing.
 I think the wedged board is the only thing keeping the roof in place.  Emptying this at 10.30 last night was quite a challenge but people turned up and saved virtually all of the equipment.
 Looking south towards El Tico, the car park has turned into a lake.
 Every now and again a bigger set would roll in.
 Dave Ferguson from the Jersey Evening Post, perhaps going beyond the call of duty as a photographer
 This was a split second before a large wave swept over us.  The dark bits are seaweed contained within the wave.  The posts in the car are just visible to the lower left.
Looking north towards the White House as another wall of water crashes over the sea defenses. Just beyond the White House there was some significant damage to the sea wall.