Tonight’s Sunset

It was such a stunning evening it seemed a pity not to stop and take a few photographs of one of the most scenic locations in the Channel Islands, whilst on the way home from work.

 Evening the German fortifications looked good in the setting sun.  This tower is available for rental if you plan far enough in advance.  For many years it was the location of Jersey Radio, which became the Coast Guard and moved to St Helier Harbour.
 Corbiere Lighthouse is probably the most photographed location in Jersey.  Even on a Tuesday evening in February there was a line of photographers attempting to capture the mood of the scene.  Built in 1874 it was the first lighthouse in the British Isles to be built entirely of concrete.
 On Easter Monday 1995 the French vessel, the Saint Malo, with 307 passengers on board struck a rock just north of Corbiere.  This memorial was erected in 1997 to commemorate the fact that no lives were lost that day.
Behind Corbiere the next landfall is Newfoundland.  So many great kayaking memories in this area starting off in the 1960’s and continuing right up to the present day.  Just a great view to have on the drive home from work.