Thoughts of better days

So our bags never made it to Karlstad, we returned to Stockholm Airport on Monday morning and found them within 30 seconds of entering the baggage hall.  Joining the others on the river was not easy, it was going to take nearly 36 hours, so we decided to fly home. Gutted that we missed out on the opportunity to spend 7 days on a Swedish river with other members of the Jersey Canoe Club.
After a day of sitting around moping about missed paddling opportunities there are a couple of bright spots.  Firstly, my first attempt at producing a book about a sea kayaking trip arrived from Blurb.  It was an easy process to go through and the result is a special reminder of a lovely week away.  So much better than having thousands of digital images sitting on a hard drive, which are rarely looked at.  I am certainly going to produce a few more books of some of the paddling trips we have been on over the last couple of years.
The second highlight is a trip to the Ecrehous tomorrow, one of the great sea kayaking destinations, half way between Jersey and France.
The Gozo book cover. 

Les Ecrehous.  Tomorrows destination.