The Thames Again

It doesn’t matter how many times I paddle through the heart of London it is always something special.  The Jersey Canoe Club trip to paddle with Tower Hamlets Canoe Club appears to be turning into an annual fixture.  
Launching from Tower Hamlets base to run upstream on the flood tide, the national landmarks arrive quickly.  From just a few centimetres above the water the monuments take on a completely different perspective. 
Kayaking in one of the world’s great cities is an exciting and memorable activity, if the opportunity arises then seize it with both hands.
The ever changing London skyline.  the last time I headed this way the Shard, wasn’t quite finished
Kate outside the Tower of London.  Kayakers always seem to attract plenty of attention paddling through the heart of the capital, we appeared to be the subject of numerous photographs.

Paddling past the former Battersea Power station can’t help but bring back memories of the Pink Floyd album, Animals.
Leaving Vauxhall, where we had been for a meal.  It always amazes me how tolerant the owners of the restaurant are, when soggy kayakers descend on their establishment

 The Houses of Parliament, a familiar site from both land and water.  I always prefer the night time.
 The London Eye always looks more spectacular as night falls.
 Approaching Tower Bridge, by the time we arrived it was pitch black.  We had plenty of lights on the kayaks plus head torches as back up, essential items of equipment because of the density of other traffic on the water.