The South West Corner of Jersey

The south west corner of Jersey is essentially my home waters and this morning we managed to fit in the first paddle of the year to Corbiere, which must be one of the most spectacular lighthouses in the British Isles.  
This was the area where I first ventured out in a kayak, nearly 44 years ago, but I never tire of exploring these few miles, either by kayak or on foot.  On a day like today when there is a swell and a large tide there is a real sense of the energy which is contained within the environment.   
The first visit of the year but certainly not the last.

Running the gap through the Grosse Tete.  Just after Alex and John went through a particularly large set arrived breaking over the top of all the rocks.  Discretion being the better part of valour the rest of us retreated and took the outer route.
John in Fiquet.  The granite cliffs in this bay provide nesting grounds for Peregrine Falcons during the summer months. 
 Heading past Corbiere, the westerly swell was quite entertaining.  The 13 second wave period certainly focused the mind, as it unleashed its power on the granite cliffs.

Nicky, with Corbiere behind.  Completed in 1874 its light is visible for 18 miles and must have saved hundreds of lives over the years.
Pete and Jim with the west coast of Jersey behind.  St Ouen’s Bay sweeps up to L’Etacq in the distance, some of the reef breaks can just be seen above the kayaks.  To the west the nearest land is Newfoundland.

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  • August 26, 2013 at 08:07

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