Symposium Cliffs

Although yesterday dawned bright and sunny, for a change, prior engagements prevented me from getting on the water.  Not wishing to waste the best day for several weeks I did manage a quick walk along the cliffs of the south west of the Island.  This is the area where the 2014 Jersey Sea Kayak Symposium is going to be based, at the end of May.
Plans are well advanced for the event and approximately half of the places have already been booked but if you are thinking of heading to Jersey for what promises to be a great week of paddling then contact Kevin soon and start planning.
 The road to Corbiere, the next land to the west is Newfoundland.  This is a perfect place to find more challenging conditions, either because of swell or tidal flows, all within a few hundred metres of where the Symposium is going to be based.
 The Highlands Hotel.  This is the symposium HQ.  What a superb location with stunning views to the south and west.  Swimming pool, gym, bar on the terrace.  What more do you need after a great day of sea kayaking.
 The south west corner of the Island, how about a quick session of coasteering in the evening.  You will be able to walk to and from the start of the session, straight from the hotel in your wet suit.
 Also close to the hotel are the workings for the desalination plant.  There are some great jumps into the sea in this area.
 Fiquet Bay looking across to Pt Le Fret.  A number of the paddles which are being arranged will pass along this section of coastline.
 It is just over a mile to drive to St Brelade’s Bay, where a number of sessions might leave from.  There are 3 launch sites which are closer though, all of which offer a variety of different kayaking.

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