Sunshine at last

After what seems like months of wind and rain today dawned with light winds and blue skies, some relaxing sea kayaking at last.  Paddled east from Bouley Bay,  almost to La Coupe before retracing our steps.  Just great to be out.
 Heading east from Bouley Bay.  Although the cliffs aren’t completely vertical, as in parts of the Island, further west they are pretty steep.  The small pier was built in 1829, mainly for use by oyster fishermen.
 Small headlands are dotted along this section of coast.  In the distance is White Rock or Tour de Rozel, one of the best white water spots in Jersey.
 The views to the west included part of Belle Hougue, the tallest headland on the Island
 Timing was important when going through some of the gaps.  Although the wind had died down there was still quite a heavy ground swell.
 A brief shower interrupted the sunshine but did produce a spectacular rainbow.
 Chasing rainbows is always entertaining
Arriving back at Bouley Bay after a really enjoyable couple of hours.  Hopefully plenty more Sunday mornings like this are on the way.  Fort Leicester just above the pier is available as a holiday let from Jersey Heritage.  What a location for a sea kayaking holiday!