Sunday Morning Session

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to go out on the Canoe Club’s Sunday morning session so it was a real pleasure to be able to get on the water today.  Just a couple of hours but some superb scenery.
 Leaving from St Brelade’s with the parish church behind.  Just to the left of the church the “Fisherman’s Chapel” is visible.  It was possible built in the 9th century.  Many of the interior paintings are over 600 years old.
 Crossing Beauport Bay, one of the most attractive on the Island.  The cliffs, poking through the trees, are from when the sea level was about 8 metres above its present level.
 Passing the desalination plant, which is located in an old quarry.  The entrance to the quarry is just visible above the bow of the orange kayak.  This quarry provided London with some of the stone for the Thames Embankment.
 Interesting cloud formations.  Almost like a series of steps.
 Passing underneath a German fortification.  It was used by Jersey Radio for a number of years before it was converted into holiday accommodation by Jersey Heritage.
Corbiere Lighthouse was first lit on the 24th April 1874 and it was the first lighthouse in Britain to be built out of concrete.  Although not as big as many other lights, it is a classic shape.  Beyond the lighthouse the nearest land to the west is Newfoundland.