Sunday morning kayaking

It is difficult to imagine that our Sunday morning kayaking could be on the sea, when the weather forecast was for winds gusting up to 60 knots and a heavy swell.  Fortunately there is an interesting feature which appears in the middle of the sand dunes, during very wet winters.  A seasonal lake develops, although not every winter and it had probably been 15 years since I last paddled there.
Most of the Jersey Canoe Club members who met in the car park had no idea what they were letting themselves in far.  Putting on paddling kit in a car park in the middle of the sand dunes is always going to be a talking point.
What followed though was an entertaining and memorable two hours.

 Quite a group getting ready to leave
Walking across the sand dunes with kayaks is always going to attract attention
It wasn’t always easy walking
 It is quite a large lake by Jersey standards.
 It was just a bit of fun when kayaking on the sea was out of the question.
One intrepid person even carried their stand up paddleboard

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