Sunday morning at the Ecrehous

A small tide and a reasonable weather forecast can only lead you to think about one thing, a paddle to the Ecrehous.  Just before 7.00 am 14 members of the Jersey Canoe Club met at St Catherine’s for an early morning departure to reef which lies just over 5 nautical miles to the north east of Jersey.  6 hours later we returned after a really memorable morning.
Even though it was an early morning start you don’t normally expect to see such sights at St Catherine’s.  A visiting French yachtsman clearly failed to grasp the tidal range in Jersey.
Although it doesn’t look it the first part of the paddle was a bit sloppy.
 Alan approaching the main part of the reef.  There were a number of very inquisitive seals, which is always an unusual encounter in Channel Island waters.
 Nicky and Chris preparing a late breakfast.  The sky had cleared and the reef had a very special feel.  Today there weren’t that many visitors, in contrast to a few weeks ago.
 This is always a special view, looking north across the low water reef.
The Normandy coast of France seems quite close.  It was great to meet up, accidentally, with a couple of French paddling friends on the reef this morning.
To the south was the largest island in the archipelago, Maitre Ile. 
The anchorage seemed reasonably quite today, three weeks ago there had been nearly 60 boats at anchor in this area.
The Royal Square is one of the more spacious areas between the small buildings, which are congregated on Marmotier.
Evidence of the year of construction and the parish.
 All too quickly it was time to leave in order to catch the slack tide for the crossing back to St Catherine’s.
 Nicky passing through one of the small passages.  The water was delightfully clear.
 Angus and Janet en route to St Catherine’s.  The obvious feature of Mont Orgueil Castle was a really useful feature for using with transits as we approached Jersey.