Summer Holidays

There is always a sense of excitement when the summer holidays are booked.  Today we booked our flights and are heading north west into some of the finest sea kayaking waters in the world. Disko Bay, Greenland.  We will spend 3 weeks exploring this pristine environment off the west coast of this Arctic Island.  4 of us have been before but for 2 of the group it will be a totally new experience.
We meet in Copenhagen on Saturday 21st July, ready to embark on what will probably be the highlight of our sea kayaking year.
 Uummannaq Island, courtesy of British Airways en route to Seattle. The red gneiss peak dominates the village which is reputed to be the sunniest spot in Greenland.  We are flying into here on a helicopter to pick up the sea kayaks.
 Qaarsut, on the northern side of the Nuussuaq Peninsula, nestles in the broad valley.  The runway is just visible to the left of the valley.  The population is just 240 and hopefully we will be able to call in here to catch a glimpse of life in a small settlement.
 The western end of the Nuussuaq Peninsula.  The open water is at the western entrance to the Vaigat, the channel we will follow into Disko Bay.  The land in the distance is Disko Island, which we hope to visit for at least a day.
One of the pleasures of kayaking in Greenland is the way that bergs are eroded, creating a magnificent backdrop.
 With views like this from the camp sites in the evening it is hard to think of places which are more dramatic for sea kayaking.
 Looking across towards Disko Island, hopefully a visit is possible but it will be necessary to dodge the numerous bergs which are heading towards the Davis Strait.
 Nicky enjoying Disko Bay sea kayaking.  Looking forward to another 3 weeks this summer.

3 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  • February 7, 2012 at 07:21

    It would be nice to meet you 🙂 We'll arrive in Uummannaq on the 13th.

  • February 6, 2012 at 18:30

    Hi Carin. Our paths might just cross in Uummannaq this summer. This will be my fourth kayaking trip in Greenland but have never been north of Saqqaq before. It really is a beautiful area

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