St Brelade’s Bay

It was another bitterly cold day although the majority of yesterdays snowfall had disappeared.  There were just a few patches on some of the cliffs and beaches.  I decided to have a quick tour of the sights of St Brelade’s Bay.  A bit of fresh air and exercise but the temperature was still hovering between 1 and 2 degrees so I decided to make it a fairly brisk paddle.  
In common with so many days this year low grey cloud seemed to suck the colour out of the landscape.  I don’t actually think I have kayaked under blue skies or in sunshine so far this year.
 Approaching La Cotte de St Brelade, one of the major archaeological sites in Jersey.  Take a look here for further information
Snow lying on the beach is pretty rare in Jersey.
Pt Le Fret is often an ominous looking headland, and today with the low grey cloud was no exception.  The remnants of an Atlantic swell were dissipating their energy on the surrounding rocks so I took a slightly wider track than normal.
From Pt Le Fret it was possible to look east towards Noirmont but today my journey involved heading west.
From Pt Le Fret I headed offshore and west towards Corbiere.  The north easterly wind and ebbing tide certainly assisted my progress.  According to my GPS, I peaked at 7.7 knots although I noticed that I went above 7 knots on several occasions.
St Brelade’s Bay looked quite distant and as I moved away from the shelter of the land the surface of the water became a bit more lively.  I saw 2 fishing boats but apart from those I had the sea to myself.
Beauport as it looks in the summer and as it looked today.