Some more aerial shots

It has been a while since I posted any aerial shots, so I as it sit grounded by fog, waiting for my flight home, I thought it would be appropriate to post a few pictures taken over the last few months.  Always keep a camera handy as you never know when the opportunity will arise to get some shots of classic kayaking areas from above.
 Alderney, a great but rarely visited, sea kayaking destination.  The breakwater at Braye is clearly visible.
Herm, towards high water.  Shell Beach is clearly visible.  Great paddling.
Final approach into Jersey with the delightful paddling area of the north west corner rising above the exposed rocks off L’Etacq.
The Needles, from almost directly above.
Entrance to Langstone Harbour, just to the west of Portsmouth.
 Galway Bay at sunset, as we chased the last rays of daylight across the Atlantic.
Svendborg in Denmark, where I had left from last year on a few days sailing.