Some more aerial shots

It has been a while since I posted a few aerial shots of some of the excellent sea kayaking destinations that I have flown over fairly recently.  They illustrate the advantages of keeping a camera at hand on any flights that you take.

Approaching Jersey from the west to land on the easterly runway.  The broad sweep of St Ouen’s Bay is clearly visible.
When approaching from the east aircraft normally turn over the Ecrehous.  On this day it was clearly low water.
Banking just after take off from Copenhagen.  It is always surprising just how shallow some of the water is and what a large area it covers.
 Sand banks off the north coast of Holland.
 Fawley Oil terminal en route from Gatwick to Jersey.
Glaciers to the north of the Nussuaq Peninsula, west Greenland as we started our descent into Uummannaq.  A 70 minute helicopter flight north was followed by a 3 week trip south.
The west coast of Milos.  Fortunately it wasn’t as windy when we had paddled this coast a few days earlier but the wind strength produced an “interesting” flight back to Athens.