Sea kayaking in the East End of London

After an overcast day heading upstream the following day was simply stunning as we paddled around the Isle of Dogs.  Our aim was to visit the Thames Barrier followed by lunch in Greenwich.  An ideal way to spend a Sunday before flying home to Jersey.
Early morning  on the Thames, with the buildings of Canary Wharf providing a dramatic backdrop.
Having paddled around the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs, we headed up the other side of Canary Wharf.  Greenwich, our venue for lunch, was behind us as we continued downstream.
The O2 is one of the more dramatic buildings along this stretch of the river, an area which has undergone major transformation in recent years.
A recent arrival across the River Thames is the Emirates Cable Car.  If you are in the area it is well worth a visit.

Later in the day used the cable car to access our train back to Gatwick.  The views on a day like this are superb.
Passing underneath the Emirates Cable Car, which crosses the Thames close to the O2.
Approaching the Thames Barrier.  A quick radio call for permission to pass through resulted in one the passages being opened up for us, indicated by the green arrows.
 The Thames Barrier, after we had just passed through.  It is the world’s second largest movable flood barrier and was first used to defend London in 1983.  Viewed from a sea kayak it is a particularly impressive structure.