Sark to Jersey

After a superb day and evening on Sark it was time to head home.  A memorable meal on the terrace of Stock’s Hotel followed by an evening in the Mermaid Disco is something not to be missed.
It was a relatively early start as The Tower Hamlets Canoe Club members had flights to catch back to London and most of the Jersey paddlers had work on the Monday morning.
We chose an earlier departure time than normal and what a good decision.  The first two hours were relatively straight forward as we headed towards the Paternosters, although Brittany Ferries did pass a bit closer than I was happy with, paranoia from earlier crossings in my kayaking career.  Just to the north of the Paternosters we switched to a more south westerly track to take advantage of the tide, which helped push us along at over 6 knots.
Landfall in Jersey was just under 3 hours for the 12 mile open crossing and then we spent a bit of time was dawdling along one of the most spectacular sections of the Jersey coastline before landing at Stinky Bay.

A quick beer at the Watersplash was followed by a dash to the airport for our London paddling friends.  A delightful weekend.

 There are some things which make you realize that you are in Sark, including the size of the bank.
 The Avenue.  This is the main shopping centre in Sark.
 The Tower Hamlets Canoe Club members prior to departure.  What a great weekend to choose to come over from England.  Channel Island sea kayaking at its best.
 Just leaving Dixcart Bay looking along the east coast of Sark.
 Sark gradually starts to fall away.  We had left from Dixcart Bay, on the left of the photograph where the boats are anchored.
 Brittany Ferries from St Malo to Portsmouth did pass fairly close by, but its appearance out of the haze did help with our forward paddling speed!
 Landfall was between Grosnez Castle and Les Landes bunkers.  When we turned near the Paternosters, to take advantage of the tide, our speed increased to over 6 knots.
 Although we had been aware that there was a slight swell running as we crossed from Sark, it wasn’t until we started to head through some of the reefs that we became aware of its impact.
 Just heading south past the Pinacle, one of Jersey’s most distinctive physical features.
 Toby coming into Stinky Bay, a well named landing spot.  The decomposing sea weed, clung to our legs, clothes and kayaks with amazing tenacity.  Not the best place to land but a memorable arrival after a memorable few days.