Plemont: A headland worth saving

One of the most spectacular areas of Jersey is the north west corner of the island, with its dramatic granite cliffs.  When the swell drops it has to be one of the most enjoyable places to kayak in Jersey.  As the tide drops a beautiful sandy beach is exposed, which is popular with both tourists and locals.
Unfortunately on the cliff top is a blot on the landscape, the old Plemont holiday camp.  On the 20th November the States of Jersey are due to debate the future of this headland.  One plan is to demolish the holiday camp and replace it with 28 homes, but an alternative outcome is being pursued.  To acquire the headland for future generations of Jersey inhabitants and restore the land to its natural glory, allowing wildlife to become established in the area, particularly sea birds.  
My daughter has set up a Facebook page through her voluntary work with the National Trust for Jersey, so please consider showing your support with thousands of people who already have done so.

Further information is also available from the National Trust for JerseyThis is a great opportunity for us as sea kayakers to demonstrate their concern for the coastal environment from which we gain so much pleasure.

Plemont viewed from above.  The scale of the holiday camp and the fact that it is in quite a remote location is clearly visible in the photo.
 Approaching Plemont from the north west.  The old holiday camp is visible just above the head of the kayaker.
 Looking east from the north coast cliff path.  The holiday camp is just visible on the cliff top.
 Looking west from Plemont Beach.  The beach is one of the finest on the island and at times has excellent surf.