Sea Kayaking to the Paternosters Again

It has been a while since I posted on the site, the aim of a photograph everyday, went out of the window due to changing personal circumstances, but it is probably an opportune time to start to post again.
Today’s paddle was to the Paternosters, a reef off the north coast of Jersey, which is popular at times with kayakers, but is rarely visited by other boat owners, as landing would be almost impossible.
on today’s large spring tide there was a significant amount of exposed rock but Tuesday mornings tide is another 0.6 metres lower.  With a 03.27 low water , I think that it is true to say that nobody will be on the reef to witness how much of it is exposed.
For those of us from the Jersey Canoe Club who went on the paddle it was a great couple of hours on the water.

Nicky arriving at the Paternosters.  Heading west from Bonne Nuit we made full use of the ebbing spring tide, most of the time we were averaging about 6 knots.
 Looking back towards the north west corner of Jersey.  Standing here is probably one of the most isolated locations in the Baliwick of Jersey
 A merry band of paddlers.  For a couple of the group it was their first visit to this reef off the north coast of Jersey.
 Looking north towards Sark, an excellent paddling destination in its own right.
 Leaving the reef towards the north coast of Jersey, we were planning to use the east flowing tide in close to propel us back to Bonne Nuit.
This isn’t an image to show that industry occurs around the coast of but rather the scene of environmental success.  In the sheds of the quarry a pair of chough’s bred, for the first time in Jersey for approximately 100 years.  Sadly we didn’t see them today.