New Stand Up Paddleboard

After a day at work there is nothing like heading down to the local beach for some paddle sport.  I have just got hold of a Naish Glide 12 feet 6 inches so was keen to get out on the water.  This evening we headed out from St Brelade’s Bay along the south west coast in delightful conditions and it was amazing how many other people we saw out on the water.
I set my GoPro to take a photograph every minute, many were unusable, but it explains the strange angle of some of the pictures.

 Getting ready to leave from St Brelade’s Bay.  Voted the second best beach in Britain by Trip Advisor.
 The water was really clear, as we headed out towards the pier.
 John Searson on his racing ski and Chester from Absolute Adventures, two rapidly developing aspects of paddle sport.
 The granite of the Grosse Tete was particularly colourful this evening.
 We did land to see if we could get through some of the caves close to Trespass Point but the tide was still too high.
 Derek Hairon from Jersey Kayak Adventures had also selected this area for his evening group.
 Another view of St Brelade’s Bay.
Arriving back at St Brelades after a delightful 45 minutes on the water.  Pity the forecast for tomorrow is not as good.