More Jersey Towers

Moving on from La Rocco Tower there are several other towers in St Ouens Bay, one of which conforms to the more tradition design of the Martello Tower.  Lower and squatter than the more numerous Jersey Round Tower.
24 of the 31 towers, which were built, remain around the island and are used for a variety of different functions, some are residential units whilst others are available for hire through Jersey Heritage.  Whatever the use they are put to they provide a fascinating backdrop to some of Jersey’s coastal sea kayaking.
Kempt Tower is the only true Martello Tower in Jersey.  Built in 1834 it was an integral part of the St Ouen’s Bay coastal defences.  There were 4 other towers between Kempt Tower and La Rocco to the south but these have disappeared.
Protecting the area between Kempt Tower and L’Etacq to the north, Lewis Tower was one of the latest to be built, in 1835.
Ouaisne Tower is one of my favourites, partly because it is isolated from almost any other development to it is possible to appreciate its true splendor.  This picture was taken after it had received a welcome coat of paint.
Noirmont Tower, also called La Tour de Vinde, was completed in 1814 and is now used as a lighthouse to help mark the western approaches to St Helier.  A great tidal race for playing in develops just to the east of the tower on the ebb tide.
The only bay on the north coast which has a tower is Greve de Lecq, which is always a great place to paddle from.  This was one of the earliest towers to be built in 1780 and the defence of the bay was supplemented by the building of the barracks in 1810.  The accommodated up to 250 men and troops were stationed here until the 1920’s.