Memories of warmer days

As the rain beats down on the windows and the wind starts to increase towards its predicted 55 knots is not too hard for thoughts to start to drift back towards the warmer days of summer.  Good memories and its only 4 days until the evenings to start to pull out.
 Agnes heading along the west coast of Ile de Brehat.  Waterproofs still on but it was the first weekend in May so still plenty of time to warm up.
 The west coast of Comino.  Mediterranean paddling is always a treat.
 Dawn in Baja.  The classic Mexican campsite.  The start of another great day in the Sea of Cortez
 Fascinating geology
 Always a favourite, the Ecrehous never fail to impress but it wasn’t quite as pleasant a couple of weeks ago.
 Passing Gorselands on the south coast of Jersey.  A slightly different view of the cliffs to that a couple of winters ago
 The Hanois, off south west Guernsey, I don’t think I had ever paddled out there when it was this calm.
 Approaching Jethou, off the east coast of Guernsey.  I think this day was probably my favourite Channel Island paddle of the year.
Sark never fails to deliver.  A pleasant way to spend a weekend in July.