May on the Ecrehous

Last Tuesday a weather window for Sunday started to appear in a number of the forecasts, which was a real treat after the wet and windy last few weekends.  Plans evolved over the interim period and at 07.00 this morning 19 members of the Jersey Canoe Club congregated at St Catherine’s ready for an early departure.
Visibility was exceptional with a light easterly wind but any paddle to the Ecrehous is always a pleasure because I am aware of what a great destination we are heading towards.
The Ecrehous has to be one of the great sea kayaking destinations and every time we go it feels like a real privilege.  If you haven’t managed to visit yet then make sure its on your “to do list”.

Arriving at the outer reef of the Ecrehous, the crossing from St Catherine’s had taken about 1 hour 40 minutes
 Len and Georgina threading their way through the channels which dissect the reef at this stage of the tide.  Water clarity was exceptional.
 The classic Ecrehous view.  This must be the most photographed house on the reef.  On the left hand skyline the north coast of Jersey is just discernable.
 A good selection of sea kayaks on the French side of the shingle bank.  There were 19 kayakers in our group and we met a further 5 on arrival.  The Normandy coast of France is visible on the right had side of the picture. 
The north coast of Jersey as we approached the Island on our return journey.  Another memorable visit to the Ecrehous.