The Channel Islands: A Sea Kayaking Guide

Channel IslandsThis book was written over a number of years and required a number of significant modifications as developments occurred around the coastline of the Channel Islands, whilst I was in the process of writing. The book is essentially a digital update of the paper back book, which I wrote in the early 1990’s and published privately.
I started paddling in Jersey in 1969, my first kayak was a classic KW7, which I used for many years, including on my first trip to the Ecrehous, which was at the end of August 1974. Since then I have paddled throughout the world but I have always returned to my home waters, never becoming bored with the variety of the kayaking which is available in the Channel Islands.
What the Channel Islands don’t really offer is multi day wilderness trips, but they do offer virtually every other aspect of sea kayaking.  Whether it is playing in the tidal races, which are found off virtually very headland in Jersey, undertaking open crossings to some of the other Islands or the stunning offshore reefs, experiencing the power of the Atlantic surf or exploring the gullies and caves on a flat calm summers evening it is all waiting here for the discerning sea kayaker to discover.
The one thing that strikes most visitors to the Islands is the size of the tide, on Spring Tides the range in Jersey can reach nearly 12 metres.
The book for Kindle is available to purchase from Amazon and if you do so I hope that you find it both useful and enjoyable.