The A – Z of Sea Kayaking

A-Z of Sea Kayaking
This was the first book that I published for Kindle, and continues to be my best selling book, although some parts of it are now slightly out of date and could do with a bit of an up date, if time allows. The idea behind the book was, as it says in the title, covering everything in kayaking from the letter A to the letter Z. For interest it starts at Adney and Chapelle and finishes at Zimmerly. It is only when I wrote that last sentence that I realised the articles at the beginning and end of the book relate to writers who have studied the historical evolution of kayaks, mainly in North America.
Over 100,000 words describe as many things as possible, which are connected to sea kayaking. This includes topics as diverse as weather, Navigation, coaching, kayaking skills, key personalities and equipment. Due to the way that the book is structured this isn’t a book to sit down from cover to cover but actually a book to dip into time and time again.
As this is the first book that I wrote for Kindle, there are few recent developments in the kayaking world, which might be missing but when time allows I will continue to update it.