Coasteering: A Practical Guide

Coasteering Book Cover

Coasteering is the perfect activity to to accompany a days sea kayaking, or as an alternative challenge if you fancy something different when visiting the coast.
Over the years coasteering has received a significant amount of bad press, largely with the “popular media” referring to it as “tombstoning”.  With the appropriate training and equipment it is actually a very safe activity and has given tens of thousands of people many hours of pleasure.
Although many people consider it a relatively recent development, in Jersey, in small groups of friends, we were exploring the coastline in the 1970’s.  My research has uncovered evidence of people exploring the coastline of Great Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Many of these people had backgrounds in mountaineering.
Today, the people who are coasteering are as likely to have come from surfing and kayaking as they are from rock climbing.  Wet suits and buoyancy aids are the equipment of choice as opposed to ropes and boots.
Despite the adverse publicity coasteering is becoming more popular year after year.  Certain areas of the UK, such as Pembrokeshire and Cornwall have been seen as the main centres of coasteering activity but over the years the popularity has spread.  Now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people enjoying the activity from the Channel Islands in the south to the Hebrides in the north, with regions such as Dorset in between.
In the past many people have relied upon commercial providers to run guided trips but more and more families and friends are discovering the pleasure of undertaking journeys along the base of cliffs, combining the skills of swimming and rock scrambling.
I have written this book in an attempt to provide people with basic information necessary to safely undertake this exciting activity.  It covers topics such as:
1. Equipment
2. Techniques
3. Leadership
4. Sea state and weather
The book is available for the Kindle from Amazon, and hopefully it will be useful resource for those people want to up coasteering.

A nice safe jump. Good take off, steep rocks and deep water.
Climbing through a cave system which runs underneath a headland.
Squeezing through a narrow gap. All part of the fun of coasteering.