Kayak Models

This was an article which I first wrote over 7 years ago, referring to the only time that I have ever worked as a kayak model.  At the time we had no idea of how the photographs were going to be used, or where, but amazingly they still keep appearing.  The most surprising place that I have seen the photographs used is inside the local bus timetable.
The pictures appear regularly on local tourist websites but quite possibly the most public place is inside the arrivals hall at Jersey Airport.  Above one of the luggage belts there is a picture of us paddling, which has proudly greeted arriving tourists for a number of years.  I would like to think that it might have inspired a few visitors to pick up a paddle and head out to enjoy Jersey’s coastal waters.

Kayak Models
The advertising board in the arrivals hall at Jersey Airport. 7 years after our modeling assignment the photos are still being used to promote the Island.

This was our first, and probably last modeling assignment. Jersey Tourism were looking for some new images to publicize the island and sea kayaks, in front of some of the islands more iconic buildings, was seen as possible way forward.
So dawn on a Saturday morning, in 2010, saw Nicky, Katie and myself on the water at Archirondel posing for the cameras. We have seen a few of the results and they look great but we will have to wait to see which ones might be used in any marketing publicity. Its great though to see that Jersey is looking to attract more visiting kayakers to our beautiful island, or perhaps provide inspiration for visiting tourists to get out on the water.
I think that it is true to say though that I don’t have a future career as a professional model.  This has proved true over time as I have never asked to star as a kayak model since.

Two new and recently polished kayaks waiting on the beach

The dawn light had a particularly special quality.

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