Jersey in the Snow Part 2

After a quick return home to warm up it was a surprise to see that the snow had turned to freezing rain.  Everything was coated in a layer of ice, including the windows of the house.  With unusual weather conditions like this, I always feel that it is important to get outside and make the most of it.  This time we walked west towards Corbiere, along the cliff path, before heading towards St Ouen’s Bay.
The view from the conservatory window.  Freezing rain had coated everything in a layer of ice.
The beach close to the desalination plant.  In places on the cliff path crampons would probably have been a useful item of equipment.
 A small beach to the east of Corbiere.  Landing here in a kayak would have been an entertaining challenge!
 Gorse covered in a layer of ice.  Conditions like this poses significant problems for some of the wildlife of the area.
Corbiere looking slightly different to last Sunday, when we paddled around the outside of the lighthouse
 Petit Port, snow doesn’t lie on the beach that often in Jersey.
Some of the hundreds of Lapwings which were flying over.  Probably driven south by harsher weather conditions further north.
St Ouens Bay with an unusual coating.  It was time to head into the warmth of La Pulente for lunch.