Jersey in the snow

The forecast snow arrived during the early hours of the morning, making travel problematic but raising the hopes of the island school children, for an extra day off school.  Road conditions were such that the school bus service was unable to operate and the runway remains closed at the airport.  Traffic misery for some but bliss for others.
An early morning walk over the cliffs revealed just how cold it was with a significant wind chill.  No kayaking in prospect today.

 It is a day for the kayaks to stay on the rack in the Garden.
The Corbiere road heading west.  Traffic was limited and schools were closed.
Looking across the gorse covered headland towards the weather radar.

The snow was being driven in by a south easterly which was blowing at 34 knots.  Coupled with the below freezing temperatures it was a bitterly cold daybreak.  It reminded me of Scottish mountains in winter rather than the most southerly cliffs in the British Isles.

It’s hard to imagine that only 5 days earlier we had wandered through these rocks, some of us still wearing shorts for paddling.
Gorselands as it appears during the summer months.