Isla Carmen South

After a rather disappointing campsite we were eager to head south, completing the circumnavigation of Isla Carmen in less than two and a half days.  A quick stop at Punta Baja, where had camped a couple of nights earlier was followed by a crossing to Isla Danazante in perfect sea conditions.
We stopped for a morning break on Isla Danzante and were paid a visit by another group of sea kayakers.  We were talking to the group when suddenly the guide, Santiago, said “you know Axel”.  The Axel he was referring to is Axel Schoevers, the well known Dutch sea kayaker.  The give away was the chart case on my front deck, made by Axel, they are without doubt the best available.  Who would have thought that a waterproof case could provide a link between 3 different nationalities on a Mexican beach.
That afternoon we made steady progress south along the coast of mainland Baja before setting up camp on a pebble beach.  The scenery was memorable, the campsite comfortable and the wine pleasant.  Little did we realize what was about to unfold as darkness fell.
Tracy heading south along the eastern shore of Isla Carmen.
Eric approaching Punta Baja, the campsite we had left just over 48 hours earlier.
Crossing the channel towards Isla Danzante, we were aiming for the dip in the ridge just to left of the bow of the kayak
Perfect conditions for the crossing.  The mountains in the background are on the Baja Peninsula.
 Morning break on Isla Danzante.  The visiting group of kayakers are just visible on the next small beach

Playa la Ballena, tents up, food on, wine poured and not a clue about what was about to hit us later in the evening
Isla Carmen just catching the evening light to the north.  This was our last view of the island we had spent the last few days circumnavigating.