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This interesting heading refers to a sea kayaking circumnavigation of the British Isles to be undertaken by Natalie Artusenkova and Michal Madera.  They plan to leave Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre on the 1st April 2012 and to circumnavigate mainland Britain in a clockwise direction.
One of the aims of the expedition is to raise money for two charities.  The first is Shadwell Basin Activity Centre which provides young people living an inner city area to experience outdoor activities such as canoeing and climbing.  The second charity is Joshua’s Journey, Joshua is a young boy who was born brain damaged and has cerebral palsy. Since Natalie works with young people with special needs she is aware of the need for early intervention.
The circumnavigation of the British Isles was announced at the premier of their short film Cornish Delight, which documented their paddling and climbing trip to Cornwall last summer.  We were fortunate enough to be able to see the launch of the film as we were on a kayaking trip to London at the time.
So have a look at their website and see if there is any way that you may be able to assist, support etc as they make their way around mainland Britain.
Natalie on the “rocking stone” at the Ecrehous.  They visited Jersey twice during 2011 as part of a group from Tower Hamlets Canoe Club.
Michal, in the orange kayak, just downstream of Tower Bridge.  This was when members of Jersey Canoe Club paid a return visit to Tower Hamlets in November 2011.