Headlands and Islands

Offshore Isla San Jose was clearly visible, although we hadn’t decided whether to cross the channel to explore this island.  What was the real surprise of today was the size of the cliffs just to the south of Punta el Cerro.  It was only when we were sitting underneath the cliffs that we fully appreciated the scale.
The crossing to Isla San Jose was enhanced by the antics of a large number of dolphins, they circled around us with some jumping out of the water in what seemed like pure pleasure.
Isla San Jose is a delightful island which merits further exploration, over two visits the whole of the west coast has been paddled and it would be great to get onto the east coast.  The reason we had headed out was to paddle through the mangrove swamp at the southern tip of the island which is a unique environment.
A glass of wine and a stunning sunset finished off a memorable day. 
 Heading south past Los Dolores.  A green oasis along an arid section of coastline.
 Cliffs to the south of Punta el Cerro.  It hadn’t really occurred to us but these are higher than anything in England and Wales, being over 1,000 feet high places.  Quite dramatic.
 Nicky under the cliffs of the mainland, prior to crossing to Isla San Jose
 The lighthouse at Punta San Ysidro on Isla San Jose.  There were some abandoned slat mines inland in this area
 Kate paddling around the edge of Punta San Ysidro.  Mainlan Baja is visible behind.
 This is just a great campsite.  We stopped here last year as well.   The views are superb.  It is also pretty close to the mangrove swamps for the following morning.
 Late evening glow on the cliffs of mainland Baja.