Heading south

It was an early start and for the majority of the day we were running due south, past one significant feature after another.  It was one of those days when everything merges together.  Apart from the stunning scenery there were two memorable events, firstly we saw a coyote running along a beach, over the years I have heard them on numerous occasions but this was the only one I had ever seen.  The second was a group of sea kayakers going past, after 2 trips to Baja theses are the only paddlers that I have seen on the water.  Their only comment was “do you have a guide?”  When we said no they carried on without another word, very strange.
24 nautical miles were covered during the day, finishing with a very pleasant campsite.  It is days like this which make Baja such a special place.
 Nicky leaving Punta Ballena in the early morning calm.  Dramatic geology always enhances the kayaking experience.
 A physical geographer’s dream, there were numerous examples of caves, arches and stacks.
 Normal Baja coastal scenery, one dramatic headland after another.
 It was easier to anchor the kayaks at Ensenada Timbabichi than land on the rocks.  The group behind are the only other kayakers that we saw on the water.
A panorama of the area inland from Ensenada Timbabichi
 Kate measuring up to a cactus.
 Tracey coming into land at Punta la Laguna.
 A perfect place to spend an evening.  Looking south from Punta la Laguna.