Hans Lindemann – Atlantic Crossing

Whilst searching through my kayaking literature I came across my copy of “Life” magazine, which was published on 22nd July 1957.  It recounts the story of Hans Lindemann, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, from east to west, in a kayak in 1956.  I  had managed to find a copy a few years ago through the wonders of eBay.  A seller in Miami just happened to be selling something which I had been trying to find for years.
Hans Lindemann left Las Palmas in the Canary Islands on the 20th October 1956, in his folding kayak, Tangaroa, eventually making landfall 72 days later on St Martin, in the Caribbean.
During the crossing there were numerous incidents, a chance meeting with a cargo ship half way across the Atlantic, capsizing and clinging to the upturned hull throughout the night, another capsize in daylight, hitting a shark with his paddle etc all while his body was fueled with tins of condensed milk and beer.

The front cover of Life Magazine, from July 1957.

It really is one of the most significant sea kayaking trips of all time, if you haven’t managed to find a copy of Life Magazine then search out a copy of “Alone at Sea” which describes the crossing in far more detail.  At the end of the book though I was left wondering “why on earth would you do it?”