General Election

This is a short article I wrote back in 2011 and it seems quite appropriate to look at it again as election fever starts up again in Jersey, with the approaching general election to be held on the 16th May 2018.  Nominations have closed and there is no doubt that all forms of media will provide saturation cover for all the prospective candidates.
In the 18th century the elections on Jersey were quite lively affairs, with two main political parties, the Charlots and the Magots.  In an attempt to secure victory the parties used to kidnap members of the opposition and place them on the Ecrehous for the day, to prevent them from voting.  There is no evidence that anything similar occurred yesterday, when there were combined elections for Senators, Deputies and Constables but on our visit last weekend there was evidence of the forth coming election in the form of posters.

 Electioneering even reached the outer limits of the Baliwick of Jersey.
Maitre Ile, the largest land mass at the reef but the area which is least visited.  It is important for breeding sea birds, in particular Cormorants and in the last few years Little Egrets have appreared.
My first visit to the reef by kayak was August Bank Holiday 1974 and it is amazing how much has changed over the intervening years, not least our kayaking equipment.  Home made KW7 kayaks and paddles plus BS3595 lifejackets.  The paddler is Derek Hairon, who now runs Jersey Kayak Adventures.