SwimCell Waterproof Case

I bought this waterproof case to for my iPhone, whilst out sea kayaking but have actually used it almost exclusively with my GPS.  So what is it that makes the SwimCell Waterproof Case such a useful item of kit?
Over the years I have tried a number of waterproof cases from a range of manufacturers but upon opening my parcel the case felt immediately like a higher quality product than some of the ones I have used previously.  So what is it like?
The opening and closing mechanism is similar to many of the other waterproof cases.  Small levers, which are operated with your thumbs.  Closing them is pretty straightforward but opening them requires a bit more effort.  The seal is so tight that it is easier to use a small lever to open them, I have used the edge of a Silva Compass and my car keys amongst others, to open the case.  The fact that it is quite difficult to open I find quite reassuring.
An iPhone would fit quite comfortable into the case as does my Garmin 72 GPS.  On a couple of multi day trips I have had some minor condensation inside the bag but generally it remains completely dry.  As I use the case almost exclusively in a salt water environment I do wash the inside of the bag thoroughly in fresh water, every week or so.  I do use the bag about 5 days a week, which is probably more than most users but don’t think it needs to be more regular than this.
Washing in fresh water also helps to keep the view of the screens on my devices, crystal clear through the screen.  I rarely have difficulty reading the information on the screen, regardless of the angle of the sun.  In the past some cases have become almost unreadable.
I am just coming up to the end of my fourth month of using the case.  With my average weekly use, it means that I have probably used it about 80 times and it looks as good today as when I unwrapped it.  The fact is that not only is a great piece of kit it is considerably cheaper than some of the similar products available from other retailers.
I have been so impressed with the SwimCell Waterproof Case I have purchased a second one. Complete with the fittings for attaching it the handlebars of my bike, making it easy to use Goggle Maps or ViewRanger whilst cycling, even in the rain.  I can imagine that it will also be ideal using when navigating in the mountains, regardless of the weather.
They are available directly from SwimCell or through Amazon.

SwimCell Case
The case is well made and the plastic clear. The tape is fitted and perfect attaching the waterproof bag to the deck lines.
The waterproof seal is produced my moving the clips outwards. At times, particularly with cold hands, a lever is needed to re-open them.
SwimCell Case
Even after about 80 days the use the screen on the GPS is still clearly visible and this was on a day when there was plenty of reflection of the sun.