I think of all the items of outdoor equipment that I have bought this year the AeroPress coffee maker has to be without doubt the piece I use the most.  In fact, it is used on a daily basis.
We had heard plenty of positive comments about the AeroPress. So when we came across one, in Tiso’s in Glasgow, there was no hesitation about buying one.
They are really easy to use, put the coffee inside the hollow tube, place it on top of a cup and pour in the hot water.  Insert the press and apply pressure.  The coffee is squeezed through the filter and you end up with a perfect cup of coffee.  It really is that simple.
We use it on a daily basis whilst at home in Jersey but it is small enough to fit easily in your kayak.  We took it with us when we went on our sea kayaking trip to Belize in March. I then used the AeroPress to prepare coffee for the group when we paddled to Sark, towards the end of July.
When ever we go away on multi-day trips we always buy a coffee cup in the area we are visiting, when we arrive.  A plastic mug is always packed just in case of breakage.  Then we when are out camping the coffee is brewed in a proper cup, it always tastes so much better.
The photographs below show a cup we bought, in La Paz, on trip to Baja, Mexico.  They survived 10 days in the Sea of Cortez and every time we use them at home we are reminded of the superb sea paddling in the Mexican sun.
If you appreciate a cup of coffee in the mornings the AeroPress has be an excellent purchase for using both at home and whilst out camping.  For just over £30, it has to be highly recommended.

It is a very simple method of making a cup of coffee. It is light and packs easily into a kayak.
Put the coffee into the tube, the exact amount depending upon the strength of your taste.
Coffee preparation
Place the tube on top of your cup and pour in the hot water.
Depress the plunger and the water is squeezed through the coffee granules and directly into the cup. Top up with water if you need more than a single cup.
The perfect cup of coffee every time, tasting even better in your favourite paddling cup.  What could be simpler?