3rd Rock Mercury Jeans

I didn’t set out to deliberately buy these trousers. They were an impulse buy whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room in early January, waiting to see a consultant. Who I believed was going to deliver news that would fundamentally affect my life. Emergency surgery on my back and changes to my lifestyle. I just needed to buy something to distract me from the impending doom and gloom.
My biggest issue when it comes to buying trousers is finding a pair with the appropriate leg length. At 5 feet 8 inches tall I find most regular length trousers slightly too long, so it was a pleasure to find short leg length. I needed no further encouragement, the purchase button was pressed, card details entered and before I knew it I was being called in to see the consultant. Even the process of buying the trousers took my mind off the potentially bad news. This really was retail therapy at its finest.
As I waited my fate all sorts of negative thoughts were racing through my mind but the reality of that Tuesday morning was somewhat different. The consultant conducted a few tests, showed me the results of the MRI scan and then delivered his verdict. The damage in my lower back was clearly visible but in the majority of cases it will heal itself and what I needed was exercise. The relief I felt as I felt the hospital was enormous, my life hadn’t been turned on its head and I had a brand new pair of 3rd Rock Mercury jeans on the way.
Designed for climbers they are smart and versatile enough to fulfil many different roles. A couple of days ago I slipped them on after a sea kayaking session, later on I cycled into St Helier in them and then wore them to the pub. The following day I wore them to a meeting about life saving courses I am due to run later in the year. At no point did I feel that I was wearing the trousers in an inappropriate setting. I actually think that these are possibly the most comfortable trousers that I have ever worn and can’t think of many occasions with my current lifestyle when they aren’t appropriate to wear.
Since January I have worn the jeans on numerous occasions, on trans-Atlantic flights, whilst out walking, going out for meals, cycling and popping on after kayaking and on every occasion they have felt like appropriate clothing.  They have been washed frequently and still look as good as new.  This is one item of highly recommended clothing.
3rd Rock clothing was launched in 2010 and is currently based in the Peak District, England. The Mercury Jeans are made from the thickest organic cotton that the company uses. The organic cotton is just one example of the environmental credentials of the company.
The trousers are available in 3 colours, 5 waist sizes and 2 leg lengths, so there must be a pair to meet the requirements of most individuals. My response has been to order another pair in a different colour from 3rd Rock.

3rd Rock
Designed for something much more energetic, than hobbling around St Ouen’s on crutches, at least they hide the plaster.

There has been a slight delay in publishing this review as I injured myself whilst swimming in Gozo (its just not been my year so far) but it has enabled me to discover another advantage of these trousers.  They are the only trousers I own, which I am able to get on over my plaster, without unzipping the lower leg.  This is not because they are particularly wide but because the fabric has a reasonable amount of stretch.