Ecrehous for the first time in 2012

Looking at the weather forecast on Thursday it looked like a window of opportunity might arise for a quick Ecrehous trip today, and what a window it was.  An early morning departure from St Catherine’s was greeted by a stunning sunrise.

 Apart from a couple of lifeboats, one from France and one from Jersey, plus the Channel Islands Air Search plane we had the reef to ourselves, something which never happens in the summer.  Fortunately the lifeboats were only training.

 Looking across towards Marmotier, although it wasn’t a particularly large tide, two hours earlier we had been playing on standing waves where now there were only shingle banks.

 Jersey in the distance with the distinctive shape of Mont Orgueil Castle.  It was like paddling on mercury, as we headed back towards the island.

 This is what sea kayaking in January is all about.  Seas this flat almost never occur even in the height of the summer.
My first visit to the reef this year was particularly memorable, snatched between two windy periods.