Ecrehous Day Trip

The neap tide, today, meant that timing for departure wasn’t as crucial on some other days but we were still on the water promptly just before 09.30.  The Ecrehous is one of the great, if not the greatest, one day sea kayaking trip.  
Just over 5 nautical miles north east of Jersey it is necessary to allow for tidal drift as on springs the tidal streams can reach over 5 knots but as you start to enter the reef it soon becomes apparent that you have arrived somewhere really special.
Today was no different.  If you are ever in Jersey with a sea kayak, a visit to this special place should be high on your list of priorities.
The view across the pool towards Jersey, it wasn’t as busy as on some other summer days.  Whilst sitting on the bench having lunch a grey seal spent some time swimming around in the water below us.
Looking north across the reef.  In a few hours time all of the rocks would be submerged by the rising tide, next Tuesday would be even more interesting as the tides are so much larger.   Today’s high water was 27.9 feet, in 5 days time it is 39.6 feet!
Looking along the shingle bank its hard to believe that on Spring’s standing waves develop as the tide runs across the bank.
If time allows when visiting the Ecrehous it is always worth walking north, partly to escape the crowds but more importantly to view the dramatic seascape.
 Looking across towards the Normandy peninsula of France.  The clouds defined the edge of the land.
 Nicky paddling past one of the huts as we paddled north to catch the last of the south flowing flood tide.
 The edge of the reef, it was right hand sweep strokes to line up for a 5 mile crossing.
 Visibility was pretty good today so Jersey was clearly visible as soon as we left the Ecrehous. After about 1 nautical mile we had several groups of bottle nose dolphins pass in front.  They seemed pretty focused on heading west so they didn’t stay and investigate.