Disko Bay – Day 16 – Rodebay

The last but one day on my trips in Disko Bay have always been memorable because the distances have always been short, there is the chance for a few pleasant snacks at lunch time and the evening meal is in one of the nicest restaurants I know, anywhere.  The H8.
I really enjoy the drop in pace, it allows you to adjust gradually back into “normal” life following several weeks out in the field.  Rodebay a small village, to the north of Ilulissat, was the focus of today’s activities with lunch purchased at the shop and the evening meal taken in the restaurant.  It was really nice to be joined by Kampe who made the journey north from Ilulissat, in the evening, in his small boat.
Late in the evening we sat on the slabs, just to the south of the village, trying to come to terms with the awe inspiring view across Disko Bay, to the west, whilst realizing that this was likely to be our last night in the wilderness for some time.  This was a time to savour the experiences, as opposed to rush back to the “delights” of Ilulissat at full speed.
 Paddling towards Rodebay in almost perfect conditions.  We just needed to hope that the restaurant was taking bookings!
 I have always tended to use this narrow inlet on the southern side of town.  Landing was always slightly spoilt by the large quantities of broken glass which littered the beach.
 Toby in front of the kayaks.  The village shop is visible behind.
 The buildings in the village are quite spread out, it is alwaysquite pleasant to wander around the village whilst taking in the superb views to the west.
 Eric made friends with the local wildlife.
 He was quite a delightful dog who seemed quite happy to pass the afternoon in our company.
 Every now and again whilst walking around the villages you will across some surprising discoveries which provide a link to the past.
 Kampe joined us for the meal in the evening.  Coming up from Ilulissat in his trusty boat.
 Camp site just to the south of Rodebay.
 After a meal at the H8 restaurant it is always an emotional moment sitting on the slabs looking out across Disko Bay, knowing that this will be your last night in the wilderness for quite some time.