Disko Bay – Day 12

This was to be a day dominated by some white water kayaking, not something that I have experienced that frequently whilst paddling in Greenland. It finished with our entry into the inner part of the Pakitsoq fjord.  A considerable  area, which differs in numerous ways from the rest of the kayaking, which is experienced off the west coast of Greenland.  It was the start of a couple days of memorable experiences
Preparing to depart after breakfast.  Our early morning porridge was made slightly more interesting due to the fact that as we sat on the rocks, our friend Yann, from southern Brittany paddled past.  Sea kayaking really is a small world.
 Alex heading south in Ata Sund.  Quite a bit of the ice from the previous day had disappeared.
 We arrived at the entrance into the inner section of Pakitsoq, slightly early, so the tide was still ebbing with some force.
 Jim heading out into the current, for a bit of play time.
 Toby crossing into the main stream.  Once the tide reached a certain level the rough water disappeared really quickly.  It was an interesting 90 minutes of play in the white water, which is in total contrast to most of the kayaking experienced in Greenland.

 Passing through the narrows into Pakitsup ilordlia.  It was strange to think that we were still paddling on the sea.
 Once through the narrows a totally different environment is revealed.  The ice cap is just visible through the dip in the skyline.  The complete lack of ice bergs also meant that we didn’t have to carry our kayaks so far in the evening, to avoid any possible waves generated by calving bergs.
 A delightful campsite, made even more enjoyable by the complete lack of insects.
On evenings like this there is always the temptation to leave the tent door open.