December’s First Paddle

As the rain hammered down on the conservatory roof the easiest option was to roll over for another hour or so in bed but I was committed to heading towards Bouley Bay for the Canoe Club Sunday morning session.  It was only the really keen members who turned up but despite the rain, wind, low cloud etc we had a pretty good time for a bleak Sunday morning in December.
 The tide was running east with a south westerly wind so we turned back towards Bouley Bay and attempted to surf some of the swells.
 John just slipping off the back of a wave.
 In a few places the water was fairly lumpy, all adding to the fun.
 John just missing another wave, but in a reasonably spectacular fashion
 Belle Hougue really is a great place to play, as well as honing paddling skills
 After playing in the waves off Belle Hougue we headed west to Bonne Nuit, one of the small harbours on the north coast of the Island.
 Ruth near Bonne Nuit.  These buildings look as if there at risk of collapse as the cliffs underneath are crumbling away.
 We turned around Cheval Roc, tradition has it that young maidens from the parish were rowed around the rock on midsummers day in the hope of improving fertility.  We are still waiting to see if it had a similar impact on us.
 Heading back towards Belle Hougue, the tallest headland in Jersey.
 Passing just in front of Belle Hougue cave.