Dangriga is a town, which, I suspect few people will have heard of. With a population of just over 10,000 it is the 7th largest town in the Central American country of Belize. A country where I imagine the majority of visitors arrive in the daily flights which, land in Belize City from a number of North American hubs.
There are no direct flights from Europe so it is just a matter of selecting your preferred airline and using their hub. We used British Airways and American Airlines through Miami. We had heard some horror stories about entering the United States via Miami, but at immigration we queued for less than 2 minutes. It was the quickest and smoothest entry into the country I have experienced. Compare this to just over 3 hours to clear immigration at Dallas, when flying home from Baja.
Entry into Belize is pretty straightforward but make sure that any hiking boots you have or camping equipment are free of soil. In addition it isn’t really worth buying any dried food beforehand as you will be held up at quarantine. We had a bought a couple of freeze dried evening meals with us, fortunately they didn’t contain any meat , otherwise they would have been confiscated.
The cheapest option for travel to Dangriga, from Belize City is by bus but the simplest option is to fly down using one of the 2 airlines. We flew on Maya Island Air but there is also Tropic Air.  The flight lasts 15 minutes and the aircraft only having 11 seats you are pretty much guaranteed a window seat.
In Dangriga we stayed at the Chaleanor Hotel, it was fairly central and had pretty much everything you needed. Clean rooms, friendly staff, air conditioned in some rooms and coffee. We had a fairly large room at the front of the hotel so it was perfect for sorting out kit and packing for the trip.
There are a number of supermarkets in the town meaning that it is easy to purchase any food that you will need for your kayaking trip. Wandering around the town was quite a relaxed affair, I can’t remember visiting a country where everybody seemed so polite and friendly.

So we are packed and ready to go, tomorrow morning we head out for 8 days kayaking on the second largest coral reef in the world.  So as the bitter cold approaches Britain and the rest of Western Europe I can’t help thinking I am in quite a fortunate position.

Some lovely views of the landscape on the short 15 minute flight from Belize City to Dangriga.
View of the Main Street.

Parking sign
One side of the street parking is allowed from the 1st-15th each month then they swap sides.
It’s always worrying when you see a sign for your hotel which looks like this. In reality the hotel was clean and very comfortable and would recommend it to anybody staying in Dangriga.
We ate here several times in the evening. A short walk from the hotel, the staff were really friendly. Although the menu was limited and it was good value and the food was well prepared.
Breakfast each morning was eaten in this restaurant, just a short walk from our hotel.
Great Egret
Within the town there are some interesting birds. This Great Egret was fishing in a waterway, just one example of a wide variety of species.