Corbiere Waypoint

A day of warm sunshine and low tide provided the opportunity to rush out to Corbiere Lighthouse to complete some of the preparations for the Jersey Sea Kayak Symposium, which is going to be held towards the end of May this year.
The Highland’s Hotel is within a few hundred metres from the lighthouse, which promises to be a spectacular backdrop to quite a bit of the sea kayaking that week. 
Corbiere Lighthouse marks the south west corner of Jersey, and although people may think I am biased I think it is one of the finest lighthouses in the world.
If the opportunity arises to look around inside the lighthouse it is truly memorable.  We are hoping to be able to arrange a visit for the Symposium in May.
Looking along the south west coast of Jersey.  The Highland’s Hotel, where the Symposium is going to be based is just behind the tall German tower.  The large white building on the left is the Corbiere Phare restaurant and bar.  This is where the Monday evening meal and social is going to be based.
Looking north, across St Ouen’s Bay.  There should be plenty of paddling through the reefs in this area with the launching spots just a few hundred metres from the hotel.  We are aiming to keep traveling times to a minimum.
Looking back across the causeway.  Some interesting water conditions can be created when the tide  floods across the causeway.
A photograph that has been taken thousands of times.  The reflection can be perfect when there is no wind.