Comino from Gozo

As sea kayakers we are fortunate to visit some impressive locations but every now and again we paddle somewhere which exceeds all our expectations and today was one of those days.  We crossed to Comino a small island between Gozo and Malta and the site of one of the most photogenic locations in the Maltese archipelago, the Blue Lagoon.  The whole coastline is appealing to sea kayakers with its complex cave systems, delightful beaches and memorable scenery.  Thanks again to Sea Kayak Malta and Gozo Adventures.
Leaving from Hondoq Bay, the building above the yellow kayak is a reverse osmosis plant which turns salt water into drinking water.  The south and east of England could do with a few of those at the moment to alleviate the drought problems.
Heading out across the North Comino Channel, it was just under 1 nm wide at this point.  Our target was St Mary’s Tower, just above the kayakers head.  It was built by the Knights of St John in 1618 and restored in 2004, without doubt the most visible building on the island.
 The photogenic Blue Lagoon, the numerous post cards for sale on Malta and Gozo fail to do this sheltered bay justice.
 The western edge of the lagoon is defined by a number of small islands, including Cominotto.
 It is not just crystal clear water which attracts the kayaker but the cliffs, arches
 and caves.
Lantern Point Lighthouse, on the south west corner of Comino.  If anybody ever writes the book “Great Lighthouses of Gozo” it will be a very thin volume.
 Paddling along the south coast we passed St Mary’s Battery which was built in 1715 to protect the South Comino Channel.  It was equipped with two 24 pounder and four 6 pounder cannon.
 Turning onto the east coast exposed us to a rolling easterly swell which unfortunately prevented us exploring the caves along this section of the island.
Lunch was a relaxing affair in the warm April sun of Santa Marija Bay.  Gozo was just a short paddle away across the channel.
 All too soon it was time to head back to Gozo, but I am certain that I will return.