Boxing Day Sea Kayaking

Boxing Day almost offered some respite from the almost continuous storms of the last few weeks but we probably experienced all four seasons during the course of 2 hours.  Belcroute, on the western side of St Aubin’s Bay was the chosen venue, mainly because it gave some shelter from the potential squalls.
Heading south we quickly reached Noirmont before turning and heading across the bay towards St Helier, experiencing some lovely rides on the following swell.  Half way across the bay it was clear that we were going to be hit by quite a significant squall.  The hail proved to be pretty painful but within 10 minutes the sunshine returned and we spent a very pleasant 15 minutes paddling around St Aubin’s Harbour chatting to the stand up paddleboarders, who had clearly put some effort into their fancy dress.

This was followed by the inevitable visit to the Smugglers for a warming pint, a traditional that has been part of Jersey Canoe Club’s history for 30 years.

Heading out from Belcroute.  There were some very dramatic clouds towering over St Helier.  These had already passed but others were on the way.
 The coast to the south of Belcroute is one of the few sections of the islands coast where trees approach the waters edge.
 Noirmont Point is nearly always entertaining, the westerly swell and wind meeting the opposing tidal streams.  From here we turned north east and ran with the wind into St Aubin’s Bay
 This was quite an intense squall.  The hail was particularly painful.  The temperature drop as the squall passed through was particularly dramatic.
 Within a few minutes though the wind dropped, the sun came out and we paddled around St Aubin’s Harbour in delightful conditions.
We weren’t the only group out on the water, members of the Stand up Paddleboard Club were on the water in some quite spectacular fancy dress.