Bouley Bay 3 Star

Bouley Bay was once considered for a major harbour development due to the deep, sheltered water but the lack of suitable land for buildings prevented the project progressing and so the only sheltered anchorage is behind the small pier which was built in 1828 to meet the needs of the oyster fishermen.  The bay was always seen as vulnerable to attack, in fact in 1549 French invaders were repulsed at Jardin d’Olivet, therefore the bay is defended by a couple of Forts.
With a south easterly wind forecast it was selected as the venue for a 3 Star as provided both sheltered conditions as well as some more challenging water if necessary.
Bouley Bay on a warm summers day is one of the most appealing places to launch a sea kayak, sadly yesterday wasn’t a warm summers day so conditions were essentially less pleasant.
Heading out of Bouley Bay yesterday.  The white mark of the pier head is just visible through the November murk. 
 Landing just to the east of Tour de Rozel.  Time to check personal equipment and to cover the theory side of 3 Star.  For the first time in months there was a real chill in the air.
 When we launched the tidal stream had changed direction so as expected, the sea state increased quite dramatically, due to wind against tide, this was only for 100 metres or so but it created some entertaining conditions.  Johan powered through the waves with remarkable ease, the Taran really is a quick kayak.
Sean enjoyed the surfing in the tidal run, but sadly it was all too soon to head to more sheltered waters to continue with the assessment.  A good day on the water.