Baja Sea Kayaking

It would be easy to run of adequate descriptive words to describe our sea kayaking trip to Baja this year, it was just great and if you haven’t been to this area start planning, you won’t regret it.  
Hopefully the photographs will stimulate your interest if you haven’t visited the region before.
When heading out on a trip it always helps if the hotel where you stay the night before has a map on the wall.  We paddled south from Loreto to La Paz.
Just one of the many stunning camp sites we used as we paddled through 150 nautical miles of dramatic coastal scenery.
 At lunch time it was necessary to seek out shade as the temperature climbed into the mid to high 30’s.  There was only one day when we were unable to find natural shade.
 If there was a list of great lunch spots in the world, this bay must surely be in the top 10.  Isla San Francisco.
Popping on a snorkel and looking under was full of memorable surprises.
 As well as the wildlife the geology was pretty spectacular
 From this beach it was another 6 days before we could get a mobile phone signal.  How often do paddle in areas which feel that remote.
 It was the sea kayaking we went for and it surpassed our expectations.